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U.S. Healthcare Professionals Indication


CAMZYOS is a prescription medicine
used to treat adults with symptomatic
obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
(HCM). CAMZYOS may improve your
symptoms and your ability to be active.

It is not known if CAMZYOS is safe and effective in children.

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Talk to your doctor about how to enroll in the CAMZYOS REMS program. Your doctor will give you information about the program when you enroll.

To enroll in the CAMZYOS REMS program and in order to take (and continue taking) CAMZYOS,
you will:

  • Review and discuss the REMS Patient Brochure with your doctor to understand the risks of CAMZYOS and the symptoms of heart failure, including when to seek medical attention
  • Tell your doctor about the prescription and over-the-counter medicines you take, including vitamins and herbal supplements and alert your doctor and pharmacist of any changes to your medications while on treatment. Do not stop or change the dose of a medicine or start a new medicine without telling your doctor
  • Get an echocardiogram to see if you are eligible for treatment with CAMZYOS
  • Complete the Patient Enrollment Form with your doctor
  • Get regular follow-up echocardiograms at the times recommended by your doctor while you are on CAMZYOS

In order to prescribe and dispense CAMZYOS, your doctor and pharmacy are required to:

  • Participate in the CAMZYOS REMS educational program
  • Be certified in the risks and requirements of using CAMZYOS

You will receive CAMZYOS through REMS-certified specialty pharmacies

  • Because of the special requirements of the CAMZYOS REMS program, CAMZYOS is only dispensed
    through REMS-certified
    specialty pharmacies and is not available through local retail pharmacies
  • Your doctor will give you information on how to get your CAMZYOS medication from a specialty pharmacy
  • A specialty pharmacy will send CAMZYOS directly to your home and will continue to call you to coordinate
    medication shipments and help with any medication issues that may arise

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