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CAMZYOS is a prescription medicine
used to treat adults with symptomatic
obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
(HCM). CAMZYOS may improve your
symptoms and your ability to be active.

It is not known if CAMZYOS is safe and effective in children.

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If you’ve been diagnosed with symptomatic obstructive HCM and want to learn more about CAMZYOS®, start by talking with your doctor.

Here are some questions to help you
get the conversation started:

  • What is CAMZYOS?
  • How does CAMZYOS work differently?
  • What are the potential benefits and risks of CAMZYOS?
  • How is CAMZYOS taken?
  • What are the monitoring and safety requirements of the CAMZYOS Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy, or REMS, program?
  • Where would I receive my echocardiograms, and how would we schedule them?
  • What are the side effects of CAMZYOS, and is there anything else, such as a Boxed WARNING, that I should know about?

During your appointment, your doctor will want to know about:

  • Any HCM symptoms you are having and how they affect you
  • Your medical history, including your history with symptomatic obstructive HCM and your current treatment plan
  • Medicines that you take to manage your symptomatic obstructive HCM
  • All the medicines you take, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements (even if you don’t take them every day)
  • Any procedures and/or surgeries you have had to treat your obstructive HCM
  • If you have an infection or are at risk for infection
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you plan to become pregnant or breastfeed
  • What form of birth control you may be using

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